Not for the faint of heart: Fiona Padfield

Fiona Padfield is a formidable woman.  I am very fond of her writing style: bare, honest and introspective, her narrative gently breaks down the societal structures that imprison women: the UK’s sexist court system and the general public debate on women’s bodies and learned perceptions. 

Her writing style allows emotional and moral forces to dwell effortlessly in her stories. Her fiction is dialectic and there is no surprise here: Fiona is an accomplished English playwright and actress who became a national sensation with her controversial play Strip, directed by Sir Peter James at the Lyric, Hammersmith, and Snapshots, which was produced at the Manchester Royal Exchange and directed by Braham Murray. She now lives and writes from a farmhouse in the Welsh countryside. 

Here is Fiona being outrageous and brilliant, upsetting and exciting critics and audiences in London:

“Dialogue is boldly replaced by an almost novelistic narrative style…The play be giving voice to the views of a striper and a so-called sexual deviant – subjects that society generally keeps under wraps – rouses interest in the first place. In this case, there is the additional intriguing fact that Padfield herself spent six months as a stripper. At any moment, then, one feels that she may be speaking with autobiographical veracity through her fictional character. Padfield gives a fierce, concentrated performance…“

Kate Bassett


She kindly sent Casa Forte Press this short piece which I very much love.

About a Friend, By Fiona Padfield



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