BUY FRANKENSTEIN’S PARADOX –we are updating this list as we go

Below, a link to our Bookbaby account, where we get 80 percent of the sales. Remember, we are one of the few publishing houses that split the profits 50/50 with the author.


This book is available through Ingram Spark, which means it’s available pretty much anywhere in the world. HOWEVER….

We always recommend contacting your indie bookstore. Here are some of our favorites:

ATLANTA: No doubt, Bookish Atlanta is our favorite. It has a stylish, welcoming space and the nicest, kindest, and incredibly smart owners. Their collection is a good mix of some of the more current, topical books, but with an emphasis on process. Where a book comes from is important to them, they support books with ideas freed by the shackles of corporate editors churning out just crowd-pleasers. Huge supporters of indie companies. Their website: Also, a great place to hang out after getting caffeinated in East Atlanta.

ATHENS, GEORGIA: AVID Bookstore is an absolutely lovely space, curated to meet the needs of a highly intelligent, highly demanding cultural scene with a strong international projection. They have everything, the loveliest space, the loveliest staff. Unfortunately for me, every time I leave our books there, I end up walking with a small library.

NORTH CAROLINA: We loved Brevard’s understated, smart art scene. We blogged about HIGHLAND BOOKS and their cozy, beautiful space and the owner’s dedication to creating a space for reading. Made me want to move there:

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