Lula Falcão-another Brazilian author on Bolsonaro’s Security list

“A Ionesco of the Tropics.” That is how a scholar recently described the daring work of Lula Falcão whose biting narrative pushes stylistic boundaries, reorganizes established norms in physics, throwing Brazil into a chaos theory once never imaginable. Until now. Is tragedy really a form of comedy? Or vice-versa? Is reality a form of dystopia? This collection of stories is a masterful introduction to the modern Brazil, a nation recently disgraced by a recalcitrant fascistic ideology that tries to ingratiate itself with foreign superpowers at the risk of becoming a laughing stock. Is it funny? Yes it is, and Falcão’s sarcasm allows us some sense of normalcy.

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Lula Falcāo is a veteran Brazilian journalist and political activist whose work can be found in some of Brazil’s top national publications such as O Globo, Veja Magazine and the Estado de São Paulo. Born and raised in Brazil’s northeast region, Lula now lives in São Paulo where he has published numerous short stories and two books: “Iberê Segundo Paulo” and “Todo Dia Me Atiro do Térreo.” He is the co-author of Frevo-100 Years. Lula is known and respected in Brazil’s intellectual circles for his incisive wit and cultural breadth of knowledge, his self-effacing humor and his advocacy.

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Lula Falcão


Urubus na Sala


Translated by Helena Cavendish de Moura and Edited by Matt Miller

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Casa Forte Press is delighted to announce its first translation of Lula Falcão’s Vultures in the Living Room, available in all bookstores worldwide and on Kindle in February 2021.

Lula Falcão is a recognized name in the world of culture, journalism, and political activism in Brazil.

Falcão’s writing is unmistakably original. He balances the impossible in storytelling: his prose is atemporal but deeply rooted in Brazil’s recent dark history. It is fiction rooted in physics, Big Bang theory, and the geophysical apocalypse of the Anthropocene era. It is funny at times, slightly absurdist, suffused with irony and biting criticism. Falcão’s Vultures in the Living Room, like Ionesco’s post-war Rhinoceros, is an important reflection on human vulnerability during times of political and social uncertainty.

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Review by Jim White, Musician and Author

“For aficionados of all things Southern, JD Hollingsworth’s novel Frankenstein’s Paradox sits perilously close to various literary mountaintops—the characters, places and events all so vividly drawn as to make the vast majority of efforts chronicling southern oddities seem ho-hum at best.

Hollingsworth’s language veritably leaps off the page in ways both alluring and terrifying, like the swarm of paper wasps emanating from the massive front porch nest of the protagonists ne’er-do-well neighbors. And just let me add, that any work of fiction that by its cataclysmic conclusion manages to land all its central characters in either the prison or cemetery is just fine by me.

Diving headlong into this humanizing parade of small town Southern eccentrics, one is immediately put in mind of fellow lunatic authors Barry Hannah and Harry Crews, but this effort most reminds me of Jack Butler’s vastly underrated Jujitsu for Christ.
Hopefully Hollingsworth’s novel will at least equal Butlers cult status, if not eclipse it altogether, landing it smack dab in the mainstream where it rightfully belongs.”


We are thrilled to announce that Rand Raynor will now serve as our West Coast Editor and Representative.

Casa Forte Press’s new Pacific Northwest Representative is a transplant from the Athens, Georgia music scene, where he spent much of his time quoting lyrics of old FM gems with his best mate Ross Shapiro from The Glands and playing drums with a number of acts. A voracious reader, Rand’s knowledge of film, music and popular culture is impressive, to say the least.  He has a weakness for crime  and pulp fiction.  Some of his favorites include Charles Willeford, Patricia Highsmith,  Denise Mina (Scottish), and Sara Gran.  
“And then there’s always Philip K. Dick,” he says.

In New York, he studied Art History at Johns Hopkins University and Media Production before heading to Georgia where he finished his bachelors in Religion.
He holds a Masters of Arts Education from Pacific University. 

Rand is a drummer for Portland-based Lab13.

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The first “Athens Inside Out” movie.

Athens is known for being the launch pad for so many internationally-known musicians and visual artists. REM, the B52s, The Glands, Of Montreal, Love Tractor, and the legendary poet-musician Vic Chestnut to name a few. The film Athens Inside Out best describes that fertile red clay that helped sprout so many phenomenal artists. And Casa Forte’s JD Hollingsworth, also a musician, is one of them.

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Peter Padfield

Most notable achievements:

At the outset:  The Titanic and the Californian – the first book to seek to clear Captain Lord of the Californian of the censure he received at the British Court of Inquiry into the loss of the Titanic for not going to the rescue of the survivors.

An Agony of Collisions followed, giving examples of collisions at sea assisted by radar, and suggested reform of the international collision regulations in the light of radar.

Then came the biographies of great naval gunnery officers and a history of great gunnery at sea and of great gunned battleships.

Biographies of Nazi leaders followed for which Padfield received death threats: his biography of Grand Admiral Karl Donitz showed that far from being the unpolitical German naval officer he had been portrayed, Dontiz was an early extreme Nazi.

In Hess, Hitler and Churchill: The Real Turning Point of the Second World War Padfield shows Churchill’s moral greatness resisting Hitler’s blandishments for a compromised peace.

His focus on naval campaigns by which the west and primarily Great Britain spread its influence around the world culminated in his trilogy Maritime Supremacy, for the second volume of which Padfield won the Mountbatten Prize, amassing glowing reviews.  Maritime Supremacy is a groundbreaking work linking the values of free trade, freedom of expression, freedom of worship, and democracy to Britain’s trading history and Naval power.

He has appeared regularly on both television and radio discussing Donitz and the Titanic, including Ludovic Kennedy on Donitz and BBC Start the Week.

For six years he spearheaded the campaign against turning RAF Bentwaters into a civil airport.  The campaign was a success.  His involvement helped protect an area of outstanding natural beauty in Suffolk from aeroplane noise.

He is one of the last remaining crew from the 1957 transatlantic voyage of the Mayflower II.  He has remained in continuous contact with the Plimoth Plantation ever since the voyage and has been a guest of honour at important anniversaries.  

Peter Padfield came to maritime history not as an academic but as a seaman with a passion for the sea and practical experience of sailing the world’s oceans.  This love and knowledge of ships and the sea marks his writing.  He rose to international renown in his field without formal training or funding but through the force of his own industry, research, insight and writing.  Despite having no credentials beyond his original training as a P&O Officer his literary output enjoys worldwide respect, not least in the USA, and has reached a wide readership.  Perhaps it is the lack of a university education in history that has resulted in his unique voice.

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